9/16/02 - 11/24/08 - CAR - I decided to just start making a comic about me driving around in my car with my friends. It's flooded with inside jokes, but it lasted the longest and it's definitely my favorite project.

9/6/01 - 1/16/02 - Midgard - My overall failed attempt at making an RPG comic. It was fun while it lasted, though, and generated a bit of a following. And I've been told that what's there is a rather good read.

5/12/03 - Let's Dancing! - I started a comic about kids playing DDR with my friends Bryan and Brad. Sooner or later, Bryan and I dropped out from making the comic, but Brad runs it now. The design of the page is supposed to look like the Music Select screen of DDR Extreme.

Old Comics

5/23/01 #1 - I was having a dispute with John, the leader of the Anime Club at my school, at that time. He didn't really want to talk to me.

5/23/01 #2 - My mom gets a bit mad when she sees I'm not valedictorian of my school.

5/23/01 #3 - Steve has a thing about pants.

5/24/01 #1 - I carry around an old VELO-1 PDA at school.

5/24/01 #2 - At this time, I had started my own Anime Club to rival John's. JAM stands for "Japanese Animated Movie."

5/25/01 - More John rivalry. He becomes a bit obsessed with power, hence my superstition of violent habits. There actually was a bomb threat at our school that day.

5/26/01 - I had my hair bleached, and I actually made a DBZ reference.

5/29/01 - This is all true, except for the two frames of laughing. I was playing piano for my confirmation at Temple Rodef Sholom; this was my first public appearance with bleached hair.

5/30/01 - There was such a divided reaction to my bleached hair that I wondered if people were assigned mental positions.

6/1/01 #1 - I got this new skateboarding shirt, and decided to make a parody of it.

6/1/01 #2 - Here's another one.

6/4/01 - This Keenspace comics fan confronted me at school, mistaking the Midgar Swamp for a webcomic. He didn't really freak out, but he sure was disappointed.

6/5/01 #1 - Here's a serious one about a childhood memory. This is why I really don't like Garfield, besides the fact that none of the jokes are funny.

6/5/01 #2 - This one DEFINITELY isn't serious. I swear. But it does sort of state my position on attraction - looks don't mean love.

6/8/01 - I was trying to get a spider out of the bathtub with something, and the only thing I could find was a tube of toothpaste.

6/17/01 #1 - My mom argues this way.

6/17/01 #2 - It's pretty funny - there is no real translation for "on the rocks" in Japanese. And no, I didn't actually have any.

6/26/01 - Once I got my drawing tablet, I had the urge to draw - but no ideas.

7/04/01 - Special July 4th comic that's hard to read.

7/29/01 #1 - The night before, I was in the play "Museum." To achieve my look, I put on black colored hair gel, and mascara on my moustache. Everything was back to normal the next morning.

7/29/01 #2 - I drew this because I'm sick of the press (and the comics, hence the visual metaphor) about the crisis in California. I personally have never been affected by California's power crisis.

9/8/01 - Me being pensive about what it takes to be a good cook.

10/1/01 - The majority of Keenspace comics are really, really bad. Fortunately, most of them stop before they can do any real damage.

2/6/02 - Silly injury I got by getting hit by a tree. It does look pretty dramatic in real life.

2/7/02 - John Romero, now out-of-work leader of now-dead Ion Storm, working at Safeway? Naaah.

2/21/02 - True story... uh, except for the last frame. They're really good pants, too.

2/22/02 - Also a true story, also except for the last frame. It was drawn in Ian J.'s style to emphasize the similarities between his Nick and my Nick.

3/11/02 #1 - I actually did this once with some chairs in my school's theater.

3/11/02 #2 - Hero with bad pun makes joke with worse pun.

3/11/02 #3 - The end of the Chairman saga, with one last terrible pun.

Really Old Comics

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