Newer ITG-style simfiles

2023-09-27: Dua Lipa - Dance the Night - Difficulties: SN1/SE3/SM5/SH7 (XO)/SX9 (BXF SS HS)

Stuff from the early 2000's

I've started making BMS files of my own compositions, playable with a variety of simulators, such as MixWaver, bemaniaDX, or Rhythm-It.

Archetype - 17MB. 5key (7☆), Light 7 (4☆), 7key (7☆), Another 7 (8☆)

Theme to 忍者シェフあやか (BM Version) - 5MB. 5key (7☆), Light 7 (4☆), 7key (6☆), Another 7 (7☆)

Since I'm a big fan of Dance Dance Revolution, I've made some step charts for a few songs. You can download them and play them on your computer. They're in SMZIP form, since they should really be played with StepMania.

Casper - Cha Cha Slide (steps by Lily, my sister)

Crystal Waters feat. DJ Escape - Come On Down (AtW Edit) (steps by Lily, Challenge by me)

Spiller Groovejet - If This Ain't Love (AtW Edit)

Vib Ribbon - Laugh and Beats (Tournamix 4 Entry)

Junior Senior - Move Your Feet (Challenge only)

Nobuo Uematsu - One Winged Angel (Long Version)

Taku Iwasaki - Hirui na ki Ranbu, Sora ga Semasugiru

Factor-X - Wild Rush (From Nonstop Megamix) (Challenge steps)

Queens of the Stone Age - No One Knows (AtW Edit)

Asletics - Sweetest Savage

Hybrid - Altitude (Red Square Reprise)

Zone of the Enders - Neith (Risky)

The Seatbelts - Spy

The Prodigy - Get Up Get Off

The Prodigy - The Way It Is

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