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FFXI is pretty good.

Oh shit son.
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I composed my first song in quite some time. It's a real quickie and it sounds sorta cheesy, but I was feeling musical all of a sudden and I felt like getting something out. I focused on the drum beat in this one, mainly... it varies a lot.

Mood Swings - named due to the abrupt tempo changes...

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Notice: My original journal entry got deleted as I was just about to press "submit." TWICE. Anyway!

Lots of happenings have been... happening.

First off, I'm not sure if I'm ever going to post the second part of my "history" blog. I have it mostly written, but I'm too bored to finish it.

I'm playing a whole freaking lot of bemaniaDX (and MixWaver][ when it falls short), hence, I am much better at beatmania now. I've been downloading a bunch of songs from the IRC server and my collection even spans to keysounded Final Fantasy OST BMSs, and even an Um Jammer Lammy one. Very funs.

I'm coming home on Thanksgiving weekend. We have to do something fun. Seriously, you guys.

For my core class, I'm making a comic about my grandma's experience in the late 1930's in Vienna. She's a holocaust survivor. I'll be posting it up on deviantART when I'm done with it. Just need to color it today...

In other art news, I'm going to start off on a new comic, OTAKUBOY, based on a true story. I'll probably be a collaborative work with a few of my friends around the campus, and I'm sure there will be no structured update schedule. You can check out a quick sketch I did here.

Yes, I've been doing even more hangings-out with people in the women's hall. No need to "worry" about me, though... I mean, a few other guys hang out there as well, it's all good. We had quite the weekend.

On Friday, we went downtown and treated ourselves to some sushi at Benten. After eating dining hall food for two months, sushi is really, really good. Afterwards, we returned to the dorms to watch the Matrix: Reloaded. A lot more of it makes sense after having seen Revolutions. Oh, did I mention I went to see that on its opening day? I liked it.

The next day, the lot of us took a trip to the Capitola Mall, which is a whole lot like the Northgate Mall in Marin, since they're both owned by the Macerich company. I even held my breath and stepped into Hot Topic. It's scary in there. I also stopped off in GameStop and tried out an N-Gage. So freaking impractical. But it got me to thinking about what I want for Christmas. Yes, I finally have things I want. THE LIST SO FAR IS AS FOLLOWS!!!

A second monitor
A second hard drive
A IIDX controller
A pony
...uh, Max Payne 2, I guess
And FFXI is probably already coming, but money for the subscription is cool
A pony

After we returned from the mall, we experienced a series of power outages. Running around with flashlights was fun. We then had some late-night dining across campus, and hung out with a few people at Crown and Merrill colleges. And then we walked all the way back to Porter in thick fog. It was really nice.

Ah. Good weekend. And listening to Hirofumi Sasaki's Tamayura over and over makes me feel even better.

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I was watching Bend it Like Beckham with a few friends down in the men's hall, when I came across a Los Gatos High School yearbook. In it, I found the yearbook picture of my roommate, Anthony.

The owner of the yearbook, and his friend visiting from UC Davis, informed me that Anthony was a weird kid because he never talked. Certainly sounds like my roommate.

I'll tell you. I get along pretty well with the other people in my hall. They party, they get drunk and stoned and stupid, but they're tolerable. I don't have to hang around them. But every night, who's sleeping across from me? Anthony.

Yeah, I think I will get started on this guy. For one thing, he has no social contact with me whatsoever. When he walks into the room and I say hello, there's nothing in return. I offer him my snacks and drinks and he rejects them.

He's always out, every night, until at least 2 AM at some party, and the only reason I can see is because he has no personality of his own, so he must be in the company of others to truly exist.

But his hygenic and cleanliness habits are what really make him out as a total robot. We have the cleanest room that I've seen in the whole building. I usually clean up after myself - I've got clothes on the floor often and I don't see the reason to make my bed, but I do something when it gets out of hand.

But Anthony - his room is SPOTLESS. There are never any clothes anywhere. His desk consists of his computer monitor, mouse, keyboard, a lamp, a cup with a pen and pencil in it, and NOTHING ELSE.

The contents of his drawers are geometrically perfect.

He arranged the contents of our refrigerator ALPHABETICALLY.

He marks off every single day on his calendar. Where it might be October 29 or 30 in other rooms, it is November 2 in our room. Well, at least it would be, if what happened tonight didn't happen.

Anthony's must-go-to-every-party tendencies must have gotten the best of him. I've seen him stumble into the room, bump into things, and pass out, but after Bend it like Beckham and then some Harry Potter in the women's hall, I returned to my room to find Anthony passed out on the floor.

What I originally thought would be cute to show to his friends down the hall turned into a barf-fest when they tried to wake him up.

So I ended up having to hold him up by his shirt to keep him from drowning in his vomit, as his friends went for towels and baby wipes.

Remember the asshole guy I talked about a few entries back? The one who bragged about his adventures in druggyland? Well I'm pretty sure he saved Anthony's life tonight.

He got Anthony up, propped up against a trash can, got all the rest of the vomit out of his system, fed him water, got circulation back, took off his vomit-soaked clothes, and got him into bed. I'd definitely call the guy the perfect "American Hero." It's what any true man would do.

Although Anthony does owe him $50 for throwing up on his good pants.

Anyway, I could have left while Mr. Hero Man recovered Anthony, but I felt as if I should subject myself to it.

I don't like to drink, I don't want to drink, and I sure as hell don't want to end up like Anthony. And god damn, does it smell in here. I don't know how we're getting the vomit out of the carpet.

Although since Anthony was in here with a vacuum earlier today because of some food that his friends were eating beforehand, I'm sure he'll find a way to deal with it.

In other news, I want to move out of this goddamned hall and find some smarter individuals with whom I can coexist.

v6 updates
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I updated my site's design a tad.

I redid the buttons on the bottom for three reasons -
1) because it's crisper in GIF
2) the old mouseover shadows were obnoxious
3) I had to, because adding two new items threw everything else off.

I removed CAR and Let's Dancing from the button bar, and linked to them from my Comics page.

I finally took off the questions about MIDI requests from my MIDI page. Whoops. As of right now, the answer is no.

I added two sections, Art and DDR Sims. The Art section goes straight to my deviantART site, and the DDR Sims page has a bunch of StepMania files that I've done.

Now I'm debating whether I should remove my flag photomosaic and the Adventures of Paul Chun from my Misc page, since they're in my dA gallery...

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Only at UC Santa Cruz can you be taught Calculus by a German hippy in a piggy suit.

I've got my usual pixel pumpkin shirt thing going on, but it's so freaking cold that I've got a few layers to cover it up.

As for plans? Bryan and crew were originally planning to come down and drive me up to San Jose to hang with Wishnack, but that fell through. I'll probably be heading downtown with the women's hall.

Yes, the women's hall. It turns out that most of the girls there are more manly than the preps hanging around my hall, the pansies. They're good company. And a lot of them like teh Japanese whatevers. I've been declared an honorary member of the women's hall, and I will wear that accomplishment with pride.

Oct 29 03 1:44 AM | Comments (1)

Well, I got a deviantART account. Kill me, browse my crap, and then add me to your friends list if you're on dA.

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