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Since Let's Dancing will take much less of my time and effort, I've decided to blog much more. Not only that, but I've finally decided to start posting my blog entries on my empty LiveJournal. I know that'll spawn two separate comment threads, but it's also from two different kinds of people, come to think of it...

All you who blog about celebrating Mother's Day are so-- GODDAMN IT I just mentioned it. Oh well, I guess I'll get into the details, then...

I haven't spent the biggest amount of time with my mom for the past year. I don't usually feel like talking about it, but I've been staying at my dad's house for the past year since some disputes arose (if you really want to find out you can read the entry in the archives). I still visit my mom, though, for dinner, for picking up my sister, for Jewish-related events, and the like. So of course I spent today with my mom.

If THAT wasn't enough (whoa, slow down, cowboy), we walked the dogs around the Marin County Civic Center (combination of nice day and beautiful field/pond = kewl), and I treated my mom and my sis to ice cream down at ye olde ice cream parlor. While we were there, we stopped off next door at the video rental place and got Spirited Away, which, thankfully, mom and I both thought was amazing. She believes that many anime titles jump from slow to fast too sporadically, and I agree, but Spirited Away was so well done and... just... so Alice in Wonderland-ish that it was just a charm to watch.

So really, that was it. The day was simple, and no one was in the mood to go off and do anything really big (we often go to Ghirardelli square for sundaes and window shopping), so it worked out very well. And it got me in the mood to...

START OFF LET'S DANCING!!! WOOO. There's a new LD every other day, so read on. Bryan, Brad and I are way ahead of schedule at this point, and I intend to keep it that way. We've already drawn out about 15 strips and I've written about 25, and these numbers are growing.

Woo. Okay. That's it for today. I might blog again... like... TOMORROW or something. Doesn't that sound exciting?

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I am pleased to announce that after many TORTUROUS hours, or even days, of work, I have finally fixed my moniter. In the future, let's try to refrain from setting it to PAL mode, shall we?

(12/05/03 11:05 AM)


OUCH. PAL. But does that mean that if you bring the monitor to Europe it'll work all of a sudden?

Just move to Italy. Italy kicks ass.

(12/05/03 11:55 AM)

Momo (James's #1 fangirl):

*Has no idea what that meant*

I agree with that anime thing. Kinda confusing at times. SPIRITED AWAY! OMGOMGOMG! XDDD Best anime movie EV4R!!!! Guess who I saw it with. *Grins* ^___^

(12/05/03 03:17 PM)



Also, PAL = European screen resolution. US and Japan use NTSC.

(12/05/03 03:46 PM)


So now that Car is over, i think it time to redesign's look, or atleast make Lets Dancing the homepage.

(12/05/03 04:16 PM)



(12/05/03 08:45 PM)


Let's Dancing isn't going to be the homepage - I'll be redesigning soon.

But before that, I'll be putting up some CAR fanart and stuff.

(12/05/03 11:16 PM)

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