Heh, I was surprised to find both Dominic Deegan and 10K Commotion on the front page of Kung Fool today. BTW, read Kung Fool more. Hyung has started a somewhat-daily gag strip called Crazykimchi.com, and it looks niiiiec.

My personal trainer, Marcos, is losing weight for a Gold's Gym contest. I'm sure he won't win since it's worldwide and there's one winner, but here's the goal: uh... lose as much weight as possible in a certain amount of time. The grand prize: $500,000.

To compete in this, Marcos put on about 40 pounds, and since then, he's taken off 50. This has been in about half a year. Is this healthy? No, he doesn't plan to ever do this again. But he does look pretty damn muscular, although there are some new wrinkles on his face that I'm sure weren't there before.

Even if he doesn't win (he won't), it must have been fun for him. He got to eat as much junk food as he wanted to gain weight, and then he did what he does best to take all that weight off. Good for him.

As for me and my weight training endeavors... well my back hurts like hell. Good thing Marcos is a masseur.

Let's Dancing started today, and it got a lukewarm response from DDR Freak. That's a good sign. I didn't exactly expect anyone to fall in love with the comic... it'll take time. :P

...and that's it. What? If you expect me to do one of these things daily, you can't expect a whole buttload of insight per day! Or maybe you can, but this is Jeffrey we're talking about.

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