If This Insults You, You Deserve It

Anyone who is part of those Kings of Chaos / Outwar / unique clickthrough programs is a TOTAL DICK. Don't you go annoying me with your STUPID personal agenda of getting people to click a misleading link. GOD DAMN. It's worse than spam, even.

Posted by JeffreyAtW at May 13, 2003 05:31 PM | TrackBack


Senator Bartuk:

one might even say it IS spam... and im not talking about that stuff online... im thinking real juicy meat-with-preservatives goodness.

(13/05/03 08:12 PM)


u guys suk u bitch

(14/05/03 02:48 PM)


Teh hheh, most people who post messages like that don't leave an e-mail. (then again it is hotmail)

(14/05/03 09:46 PM)

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