Spam Spam Spam, Wonderful Spam

Yeah, I've got my "aggressive" Hotmail spam filter and everything, but I still get about 100 spam emails on average in my inbox each day. For my email address, where no spam filters are installed, I get about half that much - but you must understand that I've only publicized that email address in one place and it's in a supposedly spam-free format.

I've had my Hotmail address since about 1996, even before it was owned by Microsoft. I've had my email address for about a year.

At this point, I've almost completely given up with email. I only get one real email about once every 3 days, and there are so many other methods in which I can be contacted. But the problem is, I still must go through my email each day and delete all of those messages, because I can't have the inbox overflow - I still might need those important emails. It's impossible to have no email address nowadays.

I also can't sign up for a new one. It'd just be another thing to constantly check every day. I still need to go through my existing ones.

So, the question is:

Is there anything FUN I can do with spam, seeing as I will never be rid of it? I mean, can I contribute a few more humorous sender/subject combinations to some sort of list? Could I ridicule the spammers any other way? I mean, it's fresh material, I just can't let it go to waste each day by throwing it all in the trash. Of course, unlike real junk mail that I can touch and feel and maybe... plaster on a wall for decoration, spam just isn't as usable. Not to mention that with every spam email I actually open, it finds that my account is active and piles on even more.

Ah, spam... I hate you so much that I'm starting to develop a fondness for you...

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