New site design, simple and clean, if I can quote Almasy quoting Utada Hikaru. It's quick and dirty, but I don't really expect a lot of people to visit this main page anymore, unless they're looking for CAR... or maybe even Let's Dancing, if that ever gets a hit or two. Or maybe you're interested in what I have to say. That'd be cool. I mean, now that this space is sorta desolate, I'm going to try to add some ingenuity to it with constant bloggin'.

BTW, if you don't like the rotating Flash thing on top, there's a text navbar on the bottom of the page, and at the top of every other one.

Conrad says that his site isn't popular and he wants to find some sort of different approach to get it moving. I'd say that's the only way that he'd get some hits. Hell, this place'll only be a blog and an archive now. That isn't really much.

Besides, many more people who read this blog look at it from my LiveJournal, anyway. If I find a creative way how, I might just scrap this Movable Type blog totally and move to LiveJournal. But then again, I'm not posting this blog on LiveJournal since it concerns the site in particular, so maybe there is a reason to have two of 'em...

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I like the new site design

(19/05/03 07:49 PM)


Yes indeed, it's awestreme!

(25/05/03 08:14 AM)

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