v6 updates

I updated my site's design a tad.

I redid the buttons on the bottom for three reasons -
1) because it's crisper in GIF
2) the old mouseover shadows were obnoxious
3) I had to, because adding two new items threw everything else off.

I removed CAR and Let's Dancing from the button bar, and linked to them from my Comics page.

I finally took off the questions about MIDI requests from my MIDI page. Whoops. As of right now, the answer is no.

I added two sections, Art and DDR Sims. The Art section goes straight to my deviantART site, and the DDR Sims page has a bunch of StepMania files that I've done.

Now I'm debating whether I should remove my flag photomosaic and the Adventures of Paul Chun from my Misc page, since they're in my dA gallery...

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Looks good

( 5/11/03 01:44 AM)

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