Jeffrey Carl Faden

Web Development




I teach a class on Front-end Web Development at Noisebridge. The class is split into a lecture and lab, each of which occur once a week. The lecture is also broadcast and saved to YouTube - I have some recurring students from other parts of the world.

I take the class through an introduction to HTML, then CSS, and after a few weeks of topics such as positioning, floats, and making sites from mockups, I transition to JavaScript where I give an introduction to general programming, then begin to discuss frameworks and plugins such as jQuery. The class finishes off with more specific topics, such as progressive enhancement, preprocessors, and a light intro to Rails.

The class is taught free of charge, and entry to Noisebridge is free as well. I'm not even an official member of Noisebridge - the space is set up such that you can do as you please, so I decided to just begin teaching.

Teaching the class has started several people on their careers, and it has also helped me strengthen my knowledge about what I do in my own. Being self-taught, I realized that I never really had a solid grasp on what I was doing until I was actually able to explain it in layperson's terms, and this class has provided me with a great venue to do so.