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I'm Jeffrey. I'm in the driver's seat. I'm loud, I spout random intellectual bravado, and I have an unhealthy obsession with myself. I really, really like driving. I'll drive people around if they ask me. I'll even do it if they don't ask me! I'm a bit creepy that way!

First Appearance: CAR #1: It Starts

80's Guy
80's Guy is my most frequent flyer. As his name implies, he has a vast knowledge of the 1980's, and he even OWNS A DELOREAN.

First Appearance: CAR #2: It... Still Starts

Not much is known of Francisco's true origins. In fact, I'm even too bored to ask. But he often bums a ride off of me. He has a wide knowledge of Bob Marley, has the most unkempt hair in the history of everything, and often sports the same gaping expression (see drawing).

First Appearance: CAR #3: Road Trip

Bryan is some crazy kid who goes to school with me at UC Santa Cruz. In his heyday, he ran websites devoted to finding crazy shit on the internet, and he'd play a buttload of DDR with me. He's a damn talented cartoonist and you'll probably see that he makes better CAR stuff than I do.

First Appearance: CAR #4: Are You Enjoy?

Adam is Bryan's bitch and likes to follow him around wherever he goes. I sort of keep forgetting why I acknowledge his existence. Oh yeah, he's Jewish.

First Appearance: CAR #4: Are You Enjoy?

James is my longtime best friend. I ran an RPG humor website with him a few years back, and now we're both totally obsessed with Konami's music games (we ran the DDR club in high school). Even now, he's known around the Bay Area as a great DDR freestyler, and dances in clubs at his school, University of Puget Sound, too.

First Appearance: CAR #5: Hoof Arted

Sophie is a fellow website designer who goes to UC Santa Cruz with me. She drums, draws, is into all things Japan, and lives smack dab on the other side of Marin. Quite a long drive, indeed.

First Appearance: CAR #7: In More Ways Than Seven

Conrad went to high school with Bryan, Sophie, et al, but got his GED early and is basically on his own nowadays. He's somehow amazed by my website designing and cartooning skills, but thinks that we're all insane for playing Dance Dance Revolution that well.

First Appearance: CAR #7: In More Ways Than Seven

I've known Jeff almost as long as I've known Simeon. He calls me Jeff also, which rather complicates things, but he and 80's Guy have thought of these awful pet names for me (like "Nanners" and "Doris") to tell us apart. Jeff still lives in Marin, and goes to College of Marin.

First Appearance: CAR #8: Chichen Itza

I often gave Keith a ride home back in high school. He's a big fan of local bands and has a wide knowledge of music, but often says things that makes me want to turn him into a stick figure.

First Appearance: CAR #11: Bad Representation

My sister, Lily, will be the successor to my car once she's old enough to drive. She's a drummer and a big fan of local bands and progressive rock.

First Appearance: CAR #13: Boyz In The Hood

Probably the only person I don't know in real life (and hasn't been in my car) who will appear in CAR. Indogutsu, real name Joshua, is basically a jack-of-all-trades on the net, specializing in MIDI composition and making MASSIV games for RPG Maker 2000. He lives in Florida but I swear that no comics with him will have anything to do with faulty ballots.

First Appearance: CAR #14: Indogutsu Is Bigger Than You

Hannah went to our partner high school, San Rafael, but now goes to UCSC with the rest of us! We used to carpool together to Jewish stuff, and I'd help her with computer problems all the time, but now we're just buddies and like to kick it from time to time. She can be really hyper.

First Appearance: CAR #27: Proper Place ...sorta

Yes, that's a dog. A real dog. Half-poodle and half-Pekingese, J4V4 is a dog with an attitude. An attitude like a cat. Okay, he's a little pansy and has the looks to go along with it (yes, he does actually have blue ears), but he cost a lot of money, so that means there have got to be some redeeming qualities about him.

First Appearance: CAR #35: Good Dog

I've known Simeon longer than anyone else in the comic. He was my first step into the world of Terra Linda geekdom. He's a geek in any sense of the word - from computer mods to Star Trek to Warhammer to whatever, Simeon's your man.

First Appearance: CAR #46: Social Life

Felix is the Brit with the 'tude, and fortunately for him, this is the second comic of mine that he's been featured in. I still think that he'd say stereotypical British things for you if you gave him enough money.

First Appearance: CAR #58: Unusable Characters

Jam also went to Drake and goes to UCSC with me, and can freestyle like a mofo. I mean, he can basically do Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon stunts in real life. It's freaking scary. Makes trance music too.

First Appearance: CAR #58: Unusable Characters

Steve thinks he's Max Payne, and has the arsenal to prove it.

First Appearance: CAR #58: Unusable Characters

Brad is the Canadian DDR wonder, capable of AAAing tall songs in a few hundred bounds. Although he might label his appearance as "most generic ever," I think I captured his essence well enough.

First Appearance: CAR #120: Buy A Rack

Saku's my good friend from UC Santa Cruz, though she's from the Bay Area as well. She's an awesome artist and web designer, and a total gamer nerd as well. Despite her small and girlish appearance, there's a lot more to her than meets the eye.

First Appearance: CAR #171: Free Glomps

Geoff's yet another UC Santa Cruz kiddo that used to go to high school with Sophie, Bryan, and the gang. Likes photography, local music, indie culture, radical political thought, you name it! Also, he's a furry.

First Appearance: CAR #172: Rain and Clocks

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