U.S. Flag Photomosaic (1.15 MB) - I made this for a school drama memorial project about September 11, 2001, since I decided to not participate in the performance myself. For the final project, I printed the photomosaic out at a massive size of 8' x 16', or 4" x 4" per individual image. I got an A, of course. And how.

The Adventures of Paul Chun (970 KB) - As "revenge" for not showing me some other Flash video that could or could not have included me, James and I made this... and by God, is it popular.

Resume (.doc) - Anyone interested? :D

The Pants Trance Dance - To celebrate National Pants Day (April 26) online, I took the ORIGINAL code of the Hampster Dance, made my own GIFs and music, and put the piece on the front page!